October 17, 2001

Added new manual to website for the 2000 series. See manual.

October 10, 2001

We are currently working on the website to add information regarding the new DigiSnap 2200.
Firmware 1.30 now available. Please e-mail us with your DigiSnap model # and we will send you an upgrade via e-mail. You find the model # by connecting your DigiSnap to your terminal program and pressing the letter D and enter.

Information about Firmware version 1.30:

Bug Fix:
Operation was modified to better handle long term timelapse using the Nikon extended protocol.

Camera Quirk #1:
Coolpix 995 appears to be more particular about the command sequence using the extended protocol. Modified the operation to much more closely emulate the MC-EU1 while using the extended protocol, using bidirectional packets.

Other Additions:
Added new Feature per request, FastSnap, intended for the 2200 while using an RF remote control (i.e. PocketWizard) for sports photography.

DigiSnap will now shut down immediately when camera is turned off while using the extended protocol.

Implemented a FocalLength switch function per request, to have the camera zoom to a programmable value, useful for stitched shots, and possible digiscoping.

Implemented a protocol toggle switch function, to aid in debug, and potentially for advanced users.

Revamped the code to automatically recognize if a camera will support the extended protocol rather than maintaining an internal list of those cameras.

Allows canceling of the Half Press by pressing any other button at the same time.

August 24, 2001

Message from a customer:

"Not a complaint, just a suggestion for your (otherwise) excellent product: Just got my Digisnap 2000 - lots of fun, played with it in the office for a few hours, then decided to have my Nikon Coolpix 990 do an timelapse of a shot every 3 minutes of the street in front of my office.After 6 hours of accrued footage was shot, I assembled it into a video, and watched an amazing, hi-resolution movie of action outside of our office: kids playing in the park next door; traffic up and down the street; clouds shooting across the sky; the setting sun.....Ah, the setting sun. After the sun went down in the video, I noticed a pink streak across the sky - must've been an aircraft or something... NOPE! I had inadvertently BURNED the CCD IMAGER in my camera whenever the sun poked out from behind the clouds! EVERY image I now shoot has this smear.Of course, in retrospect I should've forecast this occurrence. A regular 35mm camera has a shutter that protects the film surface from the pin-point focused image of the sun - not so for a digital camera! It simple had to endure the travelling "burn" point across the imager element.<Sigh>So I have my Nikon in for service right now - no idea what the repair expense will be. One of my next projects is to set up a servo & vane "shutter" mechanism that'll interface with the Digisnap so my camera lense will only have to "see" the sun only when absolutely necessary. PLEASE - put an 'Exposure to Sun during Timelapse' warning on your website. If you had, I'm sure I would've taken better care on my 1st time-lapse test."

June 21, 2001

Palm set-up information added to FAQ. This allows set-up of advanced time-lapse features in the field.

May 23, 2001

Hurray! The DigiSnap 2000 works great with upcoming Coolpix 995. It has been verified by an independent reviewer Steve Sander's of www.steves-digicams.com.

May 2, 2001

For DigiSnap 2000's purchased before 5/2/01: There have been a couple of DigiSnap 2000 customers that have experienced a problem with the DigiSnap. We have duplicated the problem in our lab, and are sharing it with you to be able to recognize and prevent it. Please see: Casefix.pdf

April 17, 2001

Thanks for all the orders!

Reviews have been posted on www.Steves-digicams.com under accessory reviews and on www.DigitalSecrets.net (Peter iNova's site) under breaking news. Thanks Steve! Thanks Peter!

April 12, 2001

The DigiSnap 2000 will begin shipping on Monday, April 16th! Orders can be placed beginning Thursday, April 12, 2001.

There are now four buttons on the case, to zoom your camera's lens in and out, take a picture, and operate in time-lapse mode. At any time, during time-lapse or not, you may zoom the lens, and take a spontaneous shot.

Remote control used to mean that the camera's LCD would shut off... no more! The DigiSnap now allows you to use your camera's LCD monitor!

Configuring the time-lapse for short intervals couldn't be simpler! Hold the button down for more than two seconds, and the light will flash once per second... count up the number of seconds you want and let go. Press the button once more and it starts the time-lapse sequence. Press it again, and it stops. Quick and easy! You may not have ever used time-lapse before, but when it's this easy to use, you're going to find so many applications for it that you'll wonder why it's not a standard feature on all cameras!

We've added a new time-lapse capability as well, allowing you to take time-lapse sequences at specific times of the day or night. There's a lot of excitement over the possibilities this offers!

There are a host of new features available in the DigiSnap 2000. Accessing the full range of features is provided through a terminal interface. The DigiSnap 2000 manual is downloadable from our website. Operating the DigiSnap is quite easy, but there is plenty to explore "beneath the hood", should you have a more advanced application.

The DigiSnap is design for the future! Firmware can be upgraded by the owner via email! The DigiSnap 2000 has an interface for an additional internal circuit board, to allow connections for remote triggering, lighting control, and wireless communication! These features will be offered as they are implemented. Keep watching our website!

If you have been considering the Nikon MC-EU1 for your new 990 or 880, you'll want to read the comparison to the DigiSnap 2000 at comparison_mceu1.pdf. The DigiSnap blows it away for features, flexibility, performance, and value!

We are still updating our website, so please feel free to e-mail me with any questions! [email protected].

April 10, 2001

Website continuing to be updated with DigiSnap 2000 information. See the comparison between the MC-EU1 and the DigiSnap 2000 in PDF. Also, check out the manual for the 2000 in PDF format.

April 9, 2001

An image and information has been posted online. The final product will be released shortly. Please check back next week!

March 9, 2001

Stay tuned... the DigiSnap 2000 is almost here! E-mail [email protected] if you want to be on the notification list.

We will e-mail you as soon as the product is ready to ship.

February 26, 2001

After months of development and testing, version 2.0 is finally complete for current owners of the DigiSnap 1000. Thank you all for your patience!

DigiSnap 1000 - Firmware Release 2

New Features Added:

The LCD on all cameras may now be enabled!

Shutter delay is reduced!

Multiple Time-lapse Sequences may be now triggered depending on the time of the day!

Additional Support is added for Nikon Coolpix 990 & 880:

  • Half-Press may be used to reduce shutter delay dramatically!
  • Bulb operation is full supported, for Single pictures, AND Time-lapse!

Future firmware upgrades can be installed by the end user!

Pictures may be manually taken during Time-lapse operation.

The upgrade is available for the cost of shipping ($8.00). You may return your DigiSnap when it is convenient for you!

Here are the steps for making the upgrade quick:

  1. Please remove your battery from the DigiSnap so it will not be depleted during shipping. The battery is not necessary for the upgrade, so please do not ship it.
  2. Enclose a check for $8.00 for return, insured, priority shipping.
  3. Enclose a copy of this e-mail or a note requesting the upgrade.
  4. Please provide me with your return shipping address and e-mail address.
  5. Please return your DigiSnap 1000 and the previous 3 items to:

5720 144th St NW
Suite 200
Gig Harbor, WA 98332

Feel free to contact us with questions!