February 6, 2019

Harbortronics Joins Forces with photoSentinel

Harbortronics and photoSentinel Partnership

We are excited to announce that Harbortronics is joining forces with another specialist in long-term timelapse photography - photoSentinel. Together, the combined team will continue to work towards developing premium timelapse solutions for photographers and professional content creators.

photoSentinel is a well-established leading brand specialising in long-term timelapse camera systems, with offices around the world. The new partnership is the coming together of two companies who share the same ethos, striving for excellence through using technology to equip and empower photographers. By collaborating together, the combined expertise across these teams will accelerate the development of future hardware and software solutions in the long-term timelapse arena.

For Harbortronics and the existing product line-up, it is business as usual. There are no plans to retire the Cyclapse and Digisnap Pro anytime soon, and we will continue to support all systems out in the field.

Moving forward, the focus will be on new solutions for long-term timelapse photographers. Harbortronics founder and Lead Engineer, Mark Roberts, will be working with the photoSentinel engineering team on new technology that keeps providing great solutions to long-term timelapse photographers.

Our commitment to all our customers remains the same. Our purpose is to equip photographers and professional content creators with powerful tools to create great long-term timelapse. We hope that through this new venture, our mission will be further strengthened.

For more about this new partnership, you can read photoSentinel's announcement here.