Harbortronics has performed custom modifications to a wide range of cameras.

We can add a remote shutter release jack to several different camera models, allowing you to use a standard wired cable release. We can also convert some cameras for IR (infrared) photography.

Note that modifying your camera will likely void your cameras warrenty. We provide these sevices with the simple guarentee that if your camera works when we receive it, it will still work when we ship it back out. No other guarentees are provided!

When you purchase these services, you will not be charged until we receive your camera, and actually perform the modification. The modification process typically takes only one working day. We typically ship the camera back out the next work day after receiving it from you. This can obviously vary with workload, holidays, and vacations. Contact us if you require schedule verification. Please ship your camera to the International shipping address on our Contact page. Please remove camera straps, batteries, memory cards, and any other accessory you wish to keep!

If your camera is not listed above, then we may have not previously worked on that model camera, but may still be able to provide the services. Please contact Mark.