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The SnapUSB connects a digital camera to both a DigiSnap remote controller, and to the USB port of a computer for rapid downloads, without swapping cables!

Using a DigiSnap 2000 and SnapUSB allows the user to control the camera remotely (zoom, shutter release), and by pressing another button on the DigiSnap, connects the camera to the computer via the USB port without having to swap cables!

The SnapUSB is compatible with all DigiSnap 2000series controllers (i.e. 2200, 2500, etc.).

Digi-Scoping: Microscope/Telescope: With a digital camera mounted to a ?scope, operating the camera controls manually can jar the setup, and require awkward movements. Image download can only be done by physically changing the setup, either by removing the memory card, or connecting a USB cable. The DigiSnap / SnapUSB allows remote control, and automatic USB connection, with no physical access to the setup!

Research: Some applications involve placing the camera in protected or inaccessible environments, precluding physical access to the camera once installed. The DigiSnap/SnapUSB combination can eliminate the need for expensive customized solutions, research downtime, and access protocols.

Studio: Portrait or Technical: Using the DigiSnap / SnapUSB combination can significantly increase productivity by streamlining the workflow!

Permanent Installations: There are a variety of imaging applications that require permanent installation of a digital camera, often in sealed housings. Through the use of external power sources, remote controllers, and automatic connection switching, these applications are now possible!

The SnapUSB does not require a battery, comes with a 1 year warranty, and personal support from Mark and Deborah at Harbortronics.


SnapUSB A/B Cable

Standard 10 foot USB A/B Cable. Connects USB peripherals to a PC or USB hub.