If you'd like to play with stereo photography with your digital cameras, here is what we have to offer. The StereoSnap simply mates with the DigiSnap (sold separately), and has connectors for two camera cables. The bottom connector is the master, and the top is the slave. Connect the cameras and away you go!

StereoSnap Schematic: Click here.


Harbortronics Serial Cables

The DigiSnap 2000 series requires a serial connection to utilize the shutter release. Many compatible digital cameras come with the required serial cable, except the Nikon CP990, 995, 880, 885, 4300, 4500, 5000, 5400, 5700, and 8700. A serial cable for these cameras must be purchased separately. If your camera is not listed, please check our compatibility page for the required connector. (Compare to the Nikon Brand (SC-EW3 $30).)