Time-Lapse Package Installations Worldwide

This Time-Lapse Package is observing Glacier Blanc in the Western Alps of France. Thanks to Pascal for the pictures!
Ice monitoring station near Pond Inlet on Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada. Photo credit Oceans North Canada.
Seabird colony, Iceland
Demolition project in Sydney Harbor, Australia.
Residential "DreamHome Build" in Apex, NC just outside Raleigh NC
Antenna Mast, Corpus Christi, Texas
Ball Head Mount, in UK
Ball Head Mount, in UK
Antarctica Rugged
Arctic Glacier
Arizona Scaffold
Australia Walkway
California Remote Panel
Australia Wall Pivot
Big Tree
Field Bird Perch
Greece Guyed Pole
Hawaii Telephone Pole
Hong Kong
Pole mount over mine in Peru
Nebraska Building Clamp
New York Harbor
GALAXY Resort Macau
Qatar Tilt
Pigeon Shield, Northern France
Oklahoma Lightning Strike
Tilt Spacer
Arizona Scaffold
Compact Configuration
TLP silhouetted against display at 2014 FIFA World Cup viewing party.
Camera stand, Inverness Scotland
Scaffolding mount, Mexico
Non-penetrating roof mount, Mexico