We would like use our existing camera (i.e. Canon Rebel, Nikon D80, whatever) in your Time-Lapse Package. Is this possible?

Each time we've worked with a customer that wanted to use their own camera, we've run into additional difficulties, slowing everything down, and creating multiple shipments. While we are happy to sell the package without the camera, I would ask that you send us your camera so we can make sure everything works before we ship.

There are three fundamental issues, and any of them can be show-stoppers!

  1. Mechanical fit - body size, lens length.
  2. Power - connection, voltage & current requirements, amount of power drawn at idle. We can tailor the output of the Battery Converter to work with potentially any camera. Proprietary connectors can be a bit expensive to acquire, and some cameras may even need a small hole added to the battery door if an internal dummy battery is required.
  3. Shutter Release connection. Many cameras use proprietary connectors, again adding cost.

Many customers have initially wanted to use their 'spare' cameras, but after discussing the details and expense of making it work with their camera, along with the benefits of using a new camera and fully tested system, almost all have decided to go with our recommended camera. There are some compelling reasons why we chose the Pentax! Honestly, we don't make much money selling the cameras themselves... there isn't much markup!