Time-Lapse Package: Cellular Network option

While the Time-Lapse Package was originally designed to be autonomous, requiring no connections to mains power nor networks, it is possible to add the capability to transfer images via the cellular telephone (3G/4G) network. With the Cellular Network option, we provide the same WiFi memory card used in the WiFi Network option, as well as an adapter to convert the WiFi signals to a USB port, for use with a cellular modem. We also provide a power source for the adapter. All of this equipment is installed within the watertight housing, and the system can be used normally if you do not need to use a network. You will need to purchase a USB cellular modem from your local network provider, and set up an account with your local provider for the data transfer. Harbortronics does not charge any monthly fees!

Included with Time-Lapse Package Cellular Network option:

  • Standard Time-Lapse Package plus:
  • Eye-Fi X2 Pro Wi-Fi SD card
  • TP-LINK TL-MR3020 Wi-Fi hotspot device
  • Additional power circuitry to power the hotspot device

Not Included:

  • USB 3G/4G modem from your local network provider

A list of compatible USB 3G/4G modems can be found here: http://www.tp-link.com/en/support/3g-comp-list/?model=TL-MR3020

Configure TP-LINK TL-MR3020 Wi-Fi hotspot

  1. Plug a compatible 3G/4G USB modem into the USB port.
  2. Place the switch on the side of the device into the "3G/4G" position.
  3. Write down the SSID and KEY printed on the side of the device. Save for later.
  4. Configure Eye-Fi Pro X2

    1. Plug the Eye-Fi card into your SD card reader (or use the included one).
    2. Navigate to its folder on your computer and open the START HERE folder.
    3. Install the Windows or OS X software in this folder and follow the on-screen instructions.
    4. When prompted for your Wi-Fi network details, enter the SSID and KEY you wrote down in the previous section.
    5. Enable Relayed Transfer.
    6. Enable Endless Memory.

    For more information, consult the Eye-Fi Pro X2 support site.

    Configure Canon EOS camera

    1. Press Menu button.
    2. Go to first wrench/spanner menu tab.
    3. Select "Eye-Fi Settings" at the bottom of the list.
    4. Select "Eye-Fi trans." and choose "Enable."

    Configure Harbortronics DigiSnap 2700

    Follow these instructions to configure the DigiSnap2700 to turn off power to the Wi-Fi hotspot when not in use.

    1. Follow the standard DigiSnap Terminal instructions to connect to the DigiSnap.
    2. Type "P" to Configure Power for Camera.
    3. Type the menu number that corresponds to "Set Pre & Post Snap Times."
    4. Seconds On Before Pic: 60
    5. Seconds On After Pic: 180
    6. Output Polarity: 1
    7. Output Type: 0

    These timing settings are very dependent on the mobile network speed at your installation site. It will require some testing to find the ideal values. If your system is failing to upload photos, you may need to add time to the "seconds on after pic" setting. If this value is approaching your time-lapse interval and still failing to upload images, you may need to set the camera to take lower resolution or higher compression images or lengthen your time-lapse interval. In some cases, the network speed in your area may not be sufficient for transferring even small images.

    Network Photo Transfer with a Harbortronics Time Lapse Package article (PDF)