Digisnap 2100

Camera quirks... what do you mean by that?

Many of the digital camera use a 'standard' protocol for serial communication, intended primarily for image download. There are some printers that also use the protocol to talk to the camera, and there may even be some manufacturer specific camera control programs. While we don't have any particular...

Can I connect multiple cameras to the DigiSnap?

You bet... If each camera receives the same serial commands then they should all perform the same operation. The trick here is route the commands from the DigiSnap to each camera, and the responses from only one camera back to the DigiSnap. This can be accomplished by a custom serial cable system, a...

Can I use a Palm to configure the DigiSnap in the field?

Yes you can! Like any other computer with a serial port, the Palm has several terminal emulator programs available. We've successfully tried Online from Markspace.com, but I suspect all of them will work. You will need to turn off the RTS?CTS and XOn/XOff handshaking.

The tougher part is that you...

Digisnap 2000 Series User Manual

Digisnap 2000 Series User Manual

Digisnap Programming

Permanent programming of a DigiSnap 2000 Series controller requires a computer with a serial port or a USB-to-serial converter cable. Many computers (laptops, especially) don't have serial ports and will require a USB-to-serial converter. Finding a reliable USB-to-serial converter can be difficult, ...

Do you have plans for an USB or FireWire remote?

The DigiSnap products are camera controllers. To control a camera via USB would require that the DigiSnap become a USB host device, which is hugely more difficult than the requirements for a USB slave device, like a mouse, or even a digital camera. To my knowledge there are very few if any hand-held...

How can I tell if the DigiSnap will work with my camera?

We have a full list of the compatible cameras on the compatibility page.

For other cameras we offer a very simple program on our website to check if your camera supports the protocol that is common to many digital camera manufacturers. Click to download: digisnap.exe.

How do I connect my Nikon Coolpix camera to the DigiSnap? My camera only has an USB port.

Although Nikon does not advertise a serial port on those cameras, they actually have them. Both the USB port and the serial port use the same connector, just separate pins within the connector.

How do I control my DigiSnap through wireless for remote controlled ariplanes/balloons and other applications?

Wireless Remote Controls for DigiSnap 2000:

1) IR (infrared)

Some cameras come with IR remote controls, allowing the camera zoom and shutter release to be operated while standing in front of the camera.

The Nikon Coolpix cameras do not have this IR control feature. The DigiSnap 2500 include...

How do I get the DigiSnap to work with my HyperTerminal program?

There are many terminal programs available for every model computer. Hyperterminal is a program that is bundled with Windows, so it's the one we use for most our work. The rest of this discussion applies to the Hyperterminal setup, but many other programs operate similarly.

As is the case with an...

How do I use the DigiSnap with a Mac?

This article describes how to configure the advanced features in a DigiSnap 2000 series controller with Mac OS X. Configuring with Windows and Linux is also supported.

What you'll need:

  • Mac running OS X
  • DigiSnap 2000 series controller (most common are DigiSnap 2100 and 2700)
  • power for the Di...

How long is the cable for the DigiSnap? Is it extendable?

The DigiSnap is connected to the camera via the serial cable offered by the camera manufacturer. The DigiSnap does not come with a cable to connect to your camera. Most other compatible cameras are sold with with PC type serial cables included.

If your camera came with this cable then you are set...

HyperTerminal Settings


I need a DigiSnap in a few days for a big project, can I get one fast?

Most shipping takes place within 2 business days. You can choose Overnight shipping to insure its arrival within 3 or 4 days. Call us if you want to check on expedited delivery.

**** Please be aware: There is a learning curve for the advanced DigiSnap functions. Please give yourself time to learn...

Is there any danger to the camera using remote control?

Not that we are aware of! The DigiSnaps have been used thousands of times without incident.

There used to be some warnings posted from camera manufacturer rep’s about using remote control. There is a slight danger if you start poking into the various registers of the camera. There are commands ...

What equipment do I need to use the DigiSnap 2000 products?

The DigiSnap 2000 requires a digital camera with a serial cable. Many of the newer digital cameras only come with an USB cable, so an accessory serial cable must be purchased.

What is the difference between the DigiSnap 2000 and Nikon's Mc-eu1?

We have a detailed comparison article of the two products on our website.

What is the size and weight of the DigiSnap?


DigiSnap 2000 measures 2.45" x 1.8" x .9"
Harbortronics Coolpix Serial Cable is 5 feet long


DigiSnap 2000 : 1.745 Oz (49.4 g)
Harbortronics Coolpix Serial Cable : 2.770 Oz (78.5 g)
16" Modified Serial Cable : 0.750 Oz (21.3 g)

Why is there a delay when the DigiSnap 2000 is triggered to the time the camera actually takes a picture?

The delay can vary quite a bit, depending on a lot of things. First off, rather than a simple electrical signal to trigger the shutter, there is a communication process between the DigiSnap and the camera, which takes a little time to tell the camera what to do. Sometimes the camera isn't ready to a...