Unilever - Ola Ice-cream Factory


A new ice-cream factory has been born in Midrad, South Africa. It took about 12 months to complete and the project was already underway by the time we got commissioned to shoot a longterm construction timelapse of this new ice-cream manufacturing facility. Needles to say, we wasted no time in getting the camera up as soon as possible!

To capture the construction of this factory, we had one static camera installed. Much of the construction and actual assembly took place on the inside of the factory making it a little difficult to appreciate all the efforts to put up the entire facility. The 40 000m2 factory is said to manufacture 40 Million Litres of ice-cream per year.


Executive Producer: Uniliever
Produced by: TimeLapse SA
Directed by: Joe Louw / Jonelle Louw
DP: Joe Louw
Offline editing & grading: Jonelle Louw
Online editing & Graphics: Nanette Grebe - Handmade Media


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